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Chira Global Development Organization to host session about race and community

Our friends over at the Chira Global Development Organization will be hosting a four-hour collaborative leadership session that will focus on race and community on June 22 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead. The session will go from noon to 4 p.m., and the hosts will serve ethnic foods. The event also pay recognition to World Refugee Day, which is held worldwide on Thursday, June 20.

According to the post on Chira Global's Facebook page: "The main goal of this event is to raise awareness and foster mindfulness in regard to fighting racism towards refugees and immigrants with a positive understanding and empowerment."

Haroon Hayder, a principal organizer of Chira Global wrote that the session will include interactive discussions regarding race and community, and that work will be done in small groups to help participants delve into the issues surrounding race.

"There will be a 4 hours of extremely worth-learning insights and engaging methods to raise awareness on racism, classism, and oppression," Hayder wrote in a Facebook post.

Chira Global events are free and open to the public. Chira Global is a community-building organization that hosts regular events to raise various educational, community and social issues.

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