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FAQs about the F-M International Potluck ...

The F-M International Potluck is a group of people interested in connecting with others through shared food and stories. The group meets nearly monthly to host a big, ol' potluck where attendees bring a dish to share.

Haven't heard of the F-M International Potluck? ... Want to know some more information?

Well, first of all, the International Potluck is a group of people interested in connecting with others through shared food and stories. And if you are part of a group here in the Fargo-Moorhead region that serves the international community, we'd like to hear from you and hopefully establish a beneficial partnership.

It is our hope that this group becomes a connecting point and catalyst for people to help each other out.

Here are some other commonly asked questions and answers about the F-M International Potluck:

QUESTION: I don't know how to cook or don't have time, what should I do?

ANSWER: Feel free to buy something at a store. It could be drinks (non-alcoholic), or a dish to share.

QUESTION: I don't know how to make anything "International".

ANSWER: The name of the game is that everyone there is from a different culture. Your Midwest salad will definitely be a new experience for someone who didn't grow up in here.

I can't afford to cook or buy something. ... Bring anything you would like! Whether it's German, Scandinavian, or a dish from the far reaches of the world, it will be international for someone else that is there.

QUESTION: I don't know how to cook or don't have time to make anything.

ANSWER: Bring a drink to share, buy prepared food, or just show up. The Potluck has never suffered from a lack of food.

QUESTION: I cannot afford to share a dish.

ANSWER: You're welcome to attend anyways! We are trying to keep the barriers low to attend, and definitely understand budgets. Some have chipped in together to bring something, others just come and enjoy the food. Either way you are welcome to come.

QUESTION: Can I bring alcohol?

ANSWER: Out of respect for the many groups represented, we ask that you refrain from bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages at the event.

QUESTION: You haven't registered?

ANSWER: There's still time! Registration isn't required, but it helps us prepare the space for the right amount of seating.

QUESTION: My friend didn't register, can they still come?

ANSWER: The event registration will be left open throughout the event, feel free to just show up but please register if you are able beforehand. This helps us with head count for table preparation.

QUESTION: I'm interested in volunteering or learning more!

ANSWER: Great! The Potluck has attracted a fun mix of people who are serving in a variety of ways including: children's activities, event setup, graphic design, and more! Please contact me to start the conversation.

QUESTION: Where can I learn more information about F-M International Potluck?

ANSWER: Check out our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1002120153180972/

QUESTION: I'm not on Facebook! How can I stay up to date on future events?

ANSWER: We will send regular updates to past event participants via e-mail using the address you registered via EventBrite.

QUESTION: Can I bring kids?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Children's activities will be provided during the speakers.

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