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Founder Peter Schott on funding the International Potluck ...

We are in the fourth year of hosting International Potluck events here in the FM area! When I first started, I paid the expenses out of my own pocket, and from time to time received donations from people who attended.

The past several years we've been the grateful recipients of donations from the Plains Art Museum, an organization that continues to support the potluck through in-kind donations as well as some basic funds to cover the cost of plates, napkins, etc.

This year we are making some changes to the event.

First off, we are working with local groups to provide a main dish for events, and offering them up to $50 to cover food expenses. We saw an example of this in January when Mytch Pierre-Noel Dorvilier cooked an amazing soup!

Coming up this year we hope to continue that trend, and offer some unique experiences. One example is a music festival that will take place in August. Kwaician Traylor and Tha Ambivert are putting together the first details ... with more to come soon!

We want to be able to keep the event free for the public, and pay the artists a fair stipend for performing. Will you donate to help with the event? Any donations to the Consortium either below or direct to Darci Asche (with the potluck as a designation) will go into a fund for events.

We also are willing to entertain sponsorship options for groups depending on the donation! Please message me directly for details.

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