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Founder Peter Schott reflects on three years of potlucks

F-M International Potluck Founder Peter Schott speaks at a potluck event.

As I reflect back on the past several years, especially to the first potluck event -- 25 friends, inspiration to host another event, then another and another!

People and groups have gathered around this idea to make a wonderful community here in Fargo-Moorhead. I'm so grateful for the community response, for your participation, and for the many, many ways I've been blessed as a result.

The potluck has given me many wonderful friends, treasured memories; it led to a job for Julia Schott, and (most importantly) hope/encouragement for me in a time when our country is so divided.

Can I ask two favors?

#1 - Invite a friend to this group who you think would enjoy what we do. Tell them about the next event and offer to bring them with!

#2 - If you have a memory from a potluck, a connection that was made, or a friendship you've received because of it, would you please share it in this post? I'd love to hear from each of you!

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