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June 2017 International Potluck event

The June 2017 International Potluck event was again held on World Refugee Day.

This year, Carolyn Schott of the organization World Vision, shared stories of the work her organization has done.

Other guests and speakers from the community, including Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, also shared stories and ways to get involved.

Before the event, IP Founder Peter Schott wrote on the organization's Facebook page: "Wherever you are right now, imagine you just received news that it wasn't safe to return to your house. Your life is being threatened and it's time to escape. You don't know where you are headed or what the future holds. Where are your children? Your significant other? What possessions are left at home you will never see again? This is a daily reality for the now 65.3 million displaced people globally. Join us on June 20th to honor them and learn more about what is being done. While you are there you will have a chance to make some new friends and try new foods!"

After the event, Schott wrote on the page: "I'm heading home from yet another international potluck, feeling inspired and elated! It's so amazing to think how this event has grown from a one time party with 20 friends to a regular community event that partners with groups like Lutheran social services or the consortium. Food and stories connect us as human beings at our core and I'm happy to be reminded of that each month and have an experience like this where people from all walks of life come together. I'm also exceedingly grateful for all of the people who work to make the event happen. We have an amazing group of volunteers and supporters who make it great!"

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