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March 2018 International Potluck event

The March 2018 International Potluck event was a unique one that hosted a panel discussion of various people who spoke about their religious practices.

For instance, Moorhead resident Haroon Hayder, who is Yazidi, shared about his faith and how hospitality is expressed in it.

Haroon was originally from Kurdistan in Iraq. He was born in a Yazidi community, and raised in a beautiful complex called Khanke situated on Tigris River. His people are indigenous to the Mesopotamia. He came to United States on Feb. 2, 2016. And he was a student at Minnesota Community and Technical College in Moorhead, studying communication and human resources.

The quote he tries to live his life by is: ”Be honest, be kind, be useful, be responsible, work hard, and treat everybody with respect.”

The Center for Interfaith Projects participated in the planning and organization of this month's International Potluck event. And several of its board members also spoke. We hope to partner with the center for future projects as well. ... The purpose of the Center for Interfaith Projects is promoting understanding and respecting differences. The center is committed to building bridges between faith communities and searching for common ground that will enable us, despite our differences, to work together for the common good.

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