• Devlyn Brooks

News Story: Effort to 'save' downtown Fargo's King House Buffet pays big dividends

You'd have to have been hiding under a rock to miss the tragic news story regarding the fate of the King House Buffet restaurant playing out across local media in the past month.

In short, in late May news reports got out about live pigeons that were found, caged and in the basement of the building that the restaurant occupies. Fargo Cass Public Health was contacted, and the pigeons were removed shortly, but not before the health inspector found a few other minor issues. All in all, the incident was chocked up as a misunderstanding by one of the restaurant's workers. Since that time, Fargo Cass Public Health says the restaurant has resolved all of the issues.

But not before the reputation of the business could be tarnished on local social media. In fact, the hit was so bad, that a couple of weeks later, the restaurant's owner told the media that he was mulling over closing.

That's when Cassidy "CJ" Schnase -- owner of downtown Fargo's Replay Games -- jumped in action and organized a public Facebook event to encourage others who didn't want to see the business close to join him in a show of public support by turning up to eat there Monday, June 24. And turn out people did, hundreds of them. Read more about this awesome grassroots civic action in the inforum.com story here.

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